Real Estate Photographer

Being a Farmington NM Real Estate Photographer means being excellent every single building you have the opportunity to photograph. Going into a home, commercial building or just taking a nice view of uncharted land next to a mountain is always an honor.


One thing you can expect from us is to deliver high quality photos that are accurate in color yet very contemporary in the final product. The estimate will be based off of the size of property or the amount of photos needing to be taken. We are listed in a nationally known photography real estate directory.


What has become trendy is using overdone HDR process to images, making them look fake and tacky. I will not make this mistake. As you can see in the images taken below, I take great care in making sure I don’t make this mistake by offering natural looking processing of HDR photos.


Farmington NM Real Estate Photographer

In a ddition to being a Farmington NM Real Estate Photographer, Mirabal Photography is a professional photography company specializing in natural light photography helping people to celebrate life events such as weddings, graduations, engagements, Bar Mitzvahs & Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, and all lifestyle celebrations. The work style is quickly gaining attention for product, fashion, and beauty photography as well. Mirabal Photography is now recognized as a portrait, nature, and destination wedding photographers in Farmington NM for over 8 years. Follow Mirabal Photography on Twitter @MirabalPhotos, like on Facebook at, or Instagram @_MirabalPhotography_.


  1. Diane

    How much do you charge for real estate photography?

    • brittany

      Hi Diane!
      As of February 2016, My current rate for residential homes in Farmington NM is $13 per 100 sq ft. Of course this rate is subject to change based off current market. Thanks Diane for your question!

  2. Michelle

    Hi, I am looking to increase my real estate business and I’m thinking that I may need professional photos. And maybe a video. I saw your name, Mirabal Photography, and it’s also my maiden name. So you caught my attention.

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