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Category : Weddings and Engagement

A Romantic Elopement Captured in Durango CO

There is nothing like a romantic elopement ceremony. As photographers that focus on a photojournalism style, we were in our element being in the background, experiencing what the bride and groom are anticipating. Planning the Elopement A few months back Chance and Hannah got in touch with us about their elopement plans, and we knew immediately this was the right fit for us! They let us know that they loved Durango, CO and that they couldn’t think of a better […]

a joyful wedding in ne abluquerque nm

A Joyful Wedding in NE Albuquerque

The reason I use the word joyful to describe John and Rachel, is because if you ever have the opportunity to meet them, they are joyful! No doubt about it, and their wedding was nearly as amazing as they were! Especially having the mountain landscape and doing a wedding in NE Albuquerque made it that much better. We posted a few months ago the engagement session where we had the chance to start working with them. The Wedding Day Events […]

engagement photography in nm

Beautiful Engagement Photography in NM

Beautiful Engagement Photography in NM is some of the most enjoyable work, especially when you get to work with such incredible people! When meeting John and Rachel, we had only spoken over the phone since we live in Farmington NM and they live in Albuquerque NM. We know that every couple feels the pressures of choosing the best wedding venue for the future, and the best engagement photography in NM until the wedding gets here. They Loved Our Style Among […]

winter wedding photographer

Winter Wedding Photographer in CO

Being a winter wedding photographer in CO is so much fun! We love doing what we do. Every time, even in the cold winter snow! Even though we are based in NM, we enjoy spending time away in another town like Pagosa Springs, CO and being able to enjoy someone’s huge event. We know that every couple feels the pressures of choosing the best wedding planner, wedding venue, florist, and the best winter wedding photographer in CO for their special […]

Wedding Photographers in Mancos CO

As destination wedding photographers in Farmington NM. We love doing what we do. We so enjoy spending the day in another city or another state and being able to enjoy someone’s story. We know that every couple feels the pressures of choosing the best wedding planner (by the way check out Celebrations) , wedding venue, florist, and the best wedding photographer for their special day, among many details to consider. They Chose Us Among the craziness of planning a wedding […]

Engagement Photographers in Durango CO

Nathaniel and Cammie had connected with us during The Durango Colorado Wedding Expo this past January! It was great listening to stories of how they met  and hearing them dream about their future together. Here are some of our favorites from their enagagement session that week took in Durango a few weeks ago.

Wedding Photographers in Durango CO

Our friends, Josh and Bronwyn, were married in Durango on September 6th, 2014. It was such a fun day from the time I met with Bronwyn in the morning, to the end of the night. We are so grateful to have been a part of it. When I think back to their wedding day, I especially remember how many laughter filled moments there were. During the ceremony, special moments shared between bride and groom, dancing… It was seriously an amazing […]

Natural Wedding Photography In Farmington NM

Colin ad Staci were married on June 7, 2014. Sometimes with all the ado of the wedding day, fitting in photo sessions can be complicated. However, photos of the bride and groom are crucial. That’s why we usually recommend a secret reveal session, allowing at least and hour and a half for intimate bride and groom photos between the ceremony and reception, or getting together shortly after the wedding for a session. That’s what we ended up deciding for the […]

Natural Wedding Photography PART 1

Colin and Staci were married on June 7, 2014. You may remember their engagement session back in April. If you haven’t seen it, check it out! It was definitely one of our favorites. Colin and Staci are seriously some of the kindest clients we have ever worked with. Even during the toasts from friends and family at the reception, there was gratitude and story after story of their gentleness and willingness to go out of their ways to help where […]

Wedding Photographers in Colorado

Eli and Crissy were married at Washington Park in Denver, Colorado on June 13, 2014. The Mirabal family has never been so involved in a wedding before! I was the photographer, Lillian and River were flower girls and Shepherd was a bubble blower. Haha! And Stephen, officiated. So, basically, I TOTALLY had the hots for the pastor. We drove up the Denver the day before the wedding and made it just in time for the rehearsal. The day of, Lillian […]

Durango Engagement Photographers

We love being Durango engagement photographers. Meet Tatjana and McLean. We met them a couple of weeks ago at their gorgeous home early in the morning. I was incredibly nervous. Often times, before sessions, I dream that my camera doesn’t work, or that I forgot my battery and have to use my phone, or that the clients are mad at me.These are the things that filled my dreams the night before, and I’m an anxious person, so it was difficult […]

Colin & Staci.

Stephen and I photographed Colin and Staci’s engagement session back in April. We had the privilege of capturing their wedding last month as well, and that blog is coming soon! Upon meeting these two at the time of their session, I whispered to Stephen, “They are adorable…” Staci is gorgeous and so sweet, and Colin is this kind, gentle guy who has this crazy-cool professor beard. They have been amazing to work with!