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Jonathon & Tia.

Stephen and Jonathon Sifford have been friends for years. They played basketball together when they were 14 & 16, and they have been great friends ever since. I met Sifford when Stephen and I first started dating, over 9 years ago, and have considered him a very dear friend of our family ever since.

Stephen and I have been eagerly waiting for Sifford to find the perfect lady for him and marry her. And he did.
A few days ago, he introduced us to his lovely fiancee’ Tia. They are perfect together. So natural and comfortable with each other. She brings out the best in him, and they are incredibly happy. They are passionate to follow the Lord’s will in their lives.

Siff and Tia, we are beyond happy for you guys. And even though we live on opposite sides of the desert, we are rejoicing with you in this new season of your lives. We love you.

We have been waiting for this shoot for a long time…













2 thoughts on Jonathon & Tia.

  1. These picture of Tia (my niece) and Jonathan are so adorable and truly captures their love for each. Wishing them both the best and looking forward to meeting Jonathon and sharing their day with them in April.
    We love you Tia.
    Uncle & Auntie

  2. Beautiful Pictures of my only Niece Tia and her fiance Jonathon…I look forward to meeting him and spending time with them in April at their wedding. Looks like he’s the one for her for sure!! Love you Tia!

    Aunt Shea

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