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Tag : Colorado

Bryan & Meghan’s Wedding.

  You may remember Bryan and Meghan’s proposal and engagement session: Well, their wedding was a little over a year ago. I’m definitely behind in my posting of their beautiful day. Not only has their wedding day come and gone, but they are now proud parents! Their wedding day was refreshing and such a joy to be a part of, for many reasons. But the best reason by far, was that their first kiss as husband and wife, was […]

Ken and Ashley

It has been cold here. Really, really cold. But for some reason, on March 3rd, we were blessed with a 60 degree day, full of clouds. I couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather for Ken and Ashley’s engagement session. These two were so much fun, and so easy to work with. They are my first football fans too, which made for a different kind of setting than I usually do! I am looking forward to their fall wedding in […]

Jonathon & Tia.

Stephen and Jonathon Sifford have been friends for years. They played basketball together when they were 14 & 16, and they have been great friends ever since. I met Sifford when Stephen and I first started dating, over 9 years ago, and have considered him a very dear friend of our family ever since. Stephen and I have been eagerly waiting for Sifford to find the perfect lady for him and marry her. And he did. A few days ago, […]

Dominic & Hannah

Dominic and Hannah Tuttle were married on October 20, 2012 at the Durango Mountain Resort in Colorado. I drove up early that morning, with my coffee and a ton of make-up on my 7:30 am face. The weather was beautiful. Stephen and I have known Dominic for a while, but this was my first time meeting Hannah. She was incredibly friendly and welcoming, not to mention she has lovely accent, which I had to keep myself from using all day. […]

Greg & Cassie

Greg and Cassie’s wedding was the most relaxed wedding I’ve ever photographed. Maybe it was the secluded location, but there was such a calm about the entire day. I was honored to be able to capture these moments for them. I wish them the very best.  

Mariah: Part 2 of 2

Mariah is a lovely 16 year old. She is about to graduate and head to school to become an OB/GYN. She wants to specialize in maternal fetal medicine. She is also a dancer, and I wanted to capture some of what she does. If you haven’t seen the first part of Mariah’s senior photos, you can view them here.  

Mariah: Part 1

The original plan was to take Mariah’s senior photos at the lake. The sky was beautifully overcast all day. It was warm, a bit breezy. About an hour before we were supposed to meet, we heard thunder. It stopped. So we decided to stick with our original plan. But then the New Mexico desert winds went nuts. The sky turned dirt brown. We met up anyway and headed to the lake, but as we sat in my car wondering what […]

Nava family.

Last week, baby River and I got home after a week in Nashville with Josh, Deb and my new nephew, Enoch. Deb is my best friend/sister-in-law, and I’m so blessed to have been able to visit and meet baby Enoch, who is about 3 months old and as big as my petite 8 month old. I just want to gobble him up. He is absolutely adorable. We decided to take their family photos at the Opryland hotel, and our mission was […]

Ryan & Ruby

Ryan and Ruby were married on 11.11.11. We have been looking forward to this wedding for  while because Stephen was asked to marry them. He was honored to be  able to be such a part of this beautiful wedding. They were awesome to work with, and they agreed to meet up with us a couple of days after the wedding do take their first photos as a married couple.

Ryan & Julie

Stephen and I were pleased to meet Ryan and Julie! They were recently engaged, and a mutual friend recommended us, so we met up for a very cold, but a very relaxing shoot. Baby River had to tag along with us but she had layers of blankets and jackets on her, so she was much cozier than the rest of us. Congratulations guys! You make a beautiful couple!  


Jonathon Sifford is one of our closest friends. He is a fellow photographer and some of his work can be seen on his photostream.


We met Higinio while Stephen was leading worship for youth at a church here in town. He is an awesome guy and we had a great time taking his senior photos.